Ciaron Maher Racing Services

Professional Training Service

Cairon Maher is a well trained, proven horseman who has an affinity with his horses and is dedicated to his job at hand. At Ciaron Maher racing we ensure that each of our horses receive the personal attention they deserve.

Our stable location and facilities enables us to provide a diverse training program to bring out the best of the individual horse. Ciaron works closely with his staff in the planning and progress of his charges and his a hands-on trainer.


Building a bond with his horses is key to Ciaron's strategy. "A horse needs to be fit and happy in order to try his hardest". Ciaron knows all his horses and their individual characters better than anyone and is very hands on -- you will usually see Ciaron riding out the horses himself.

Communication and Involvement

Communication is important to us at Ciaron Maher Racing as our aim is to ensure our clients have an enjoyable racing experience with us.

Horse Welfare

Our horses are cared for by experienced staff and their welfare is paramount. We have excellent local vets, dentists, chriopractors/massage therapists and farriers who visit our stables regularly. We believe that a relaxed horse is a health horse.


Keeping a racehorse in training is not cheap. But it can be extremely rewarding, in every sense.

At Ciaron Maher Racing, we try to tailor our service to your needs. We want to be flexible and dynamic in the opportunities we offer owners. If you would like Ciaron Maher to buy or train a horse for you, please feel free to get in touch.